The sports program at Fairhaven is not designed to produce “star” athletes, but rather to develop strong character and a philosophy of teamwork.  Men may choose to participate in our intercollegiate men’s soccer and basketball programs.  Fairhaven also provides an array of intramural sports for both men and ladies. Ladies may participate in cross country races, swim meets, and volleyball, while Fairhaven college men may enjoy participating in sports such as flag football and wrestling.

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2016-2017 Basketball Team: First Row - Jared Dircks; Ben Martin. Second Row - Levi Armacost; James Critcher; Jim Hunt, Coach Dan Armacost. Third Row - Joseph Norman; David Bottrell; Matthew Good; David Crego. Fourth Row - Michael Santucci; John Olson.


2016 FBC Soccer Team - Second row left to right: Matt Good, Jacob Martin, John Olson, Michael Santucci, Joseph Payton, David Bottrell, David Crego, Trevor Golden, Caleb Rouillard. First row left to right: Levi Armacost, Jim Hunt, Ben Martin, Jared Dircks, Abraham Olorunlowo, Lawrence Rooney

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