Since the purpose of Fairhaven Baptist College is to train Christian young people for Christian service, it is expected that those who seek admission manifest evidence of good character, a dedication to purpose, a willingness to learn, and a sincere desire to know the will of God.


Applicants for admission to the college will need to complete the following: (All forms can be downloaded from the web site or received by contacting the Admissions Office.)

  1. Application for Admission – The application form must be completely filled out and sent to the Fairhaven Baptist College Admissions Office together with the $25 application fee and the reservation fee of $125.


  1. High School Transcripts – The high school from which the applicant graduates must send an official copy of his high school academic record showing the date of graduation. If the transcript is sent in before the applicant completes his senior year, it is the student’s responsibility to have an official completed transcript forwarded to the Admissions Office after graduation. If the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) has been completed, the official scores must be sent to the Admissions Office.Home-schooled students are required to submit a high school diploma from a formal curriculum or the General Equivalency Diploma (GED).


  1. Medical Record Form – The front of this form is to be filled out by the applicant, and a physician must fill out the back of the form at the time of a physical exam.


  1. Three Personal Rating Forms – The applicant’s pastor must fill out one of the reference forms; the other two forms should be given to an employer or close acquaintance (not a relative).


  1. Autobiography – On a separate sheet of paper, applicant should write an autobiography of a least 200 words including information about home, family, work, church, and school life. In addition, educational objectives, purpose in life, and the source of interest in Fairhaven should be stated. If a student is transferring from another school, the reason for the transfer should be explained.


  1. Two pictures – One for the application and one for office use.


  1. ACT/SAT – Students making application to Fairhaven Baptist College are required to take the American College Test (ACT) along with the writing exam or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and have the results forwarded to the admissions office. The ACT code for FBC is 1190 and the SAT code is 5764.  To register online go to or

As soon as all records are complete, the applicant will be notified regarding acceptance.

For more information or additional forms, please contact:

Fairhaven Baptist College

Admissions Office

86 East Oak Hill Road

Chesterton, Indiana 46304